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سنگسر.آی آر

نخستین و پربازدیدکننده ترین سایت شهرستان مهدیشهر

دوشنبه, 28 مهر 1399


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?Where is Sangesar

Sangesar city belongs to history …

This city that is located in Iran (The most civilized empire of humankind) has acquainted several millenniums.

 As long as civilization engender in Persia even prehistory ancient Sangesar has been mankind residence.

This nation has an old calendar called Sangesari calendar that has been used for 4500 years.

People of Sangesar are famed because of animal husbandry. Sangesari broadtail (merino) is among the best sheep strips.

Sangesar owns an independent language named sangesari language.

Sangesar's nomad produce the most varied dairy production. By record of 25 diary production this people are forehand.

Sangesar has plenty of tourism attraction that can't be comparing with other

 City in the world. Unfortunately all of this concinnity are unknown and hasn’t been presented otherwise this city really is more beauteous than Paris Amsterdam and London.

If you want to see human memoir at present must see Sangesar. You are welcomed.

Sangesar,Semnan, Iran.

Before you came visit and be sure!!

Written by Mohammad Abdolhoseyni

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